Villa Piercy Sardinia

Sardinia has been a choice for destination weddings for years, couples from all over the world choose it to get married, associating it mostly with white beaches and crystal clear water, with the luxury of the emerald coast and the elegance of its seaside locations.

Residents who celebrate their wedding on this wonderful island mostly follow the cliché of the summer ceremony, in church or on the beach.

But Sardinia has much more to offer, 80% of its territory is mountainous and hilly reaching peaks of 1800m above sea level and the forests of which it is rich are first colored red with autumn and then white, with the characteristic snow of the months of January and February.

On the concept of Sardinia as a winter destination and on unconventional marriage, together with a team of professionals, I decided to get involved to promote the winter wedding in Sardinia.

The team, composed of Fabio Marras (a journalist who photographs weddings all over Europe), Simona Sanna (owner of the makeup beauty boutique studio), Atelier DaMa (who provided her wonderful wedding dresses), Daisy floral workshop (flower wizards with elegant and sober creations) and the model Bianca Atzori (who posed for the shooting with grace and patience), was welcomed in the wonderful Villa Piercy in the Badde woods Salighes in the province of Nuoro at over 1200 m of altitude.

Villa Piercy was built at the end of the 19th century by Benjamin Piercy, an engineer from Wales, in love with Sardinia and a great friend of Garibaldi, now it that can be visited with a guided tour and location available for private events

We strongly believe in the development of the wedding sector in a period that may seem unusual. Winter weddings are very common abroad, especially in northern Europe where the climate is decidedly more rigid than ours. The snow and the cold can represent a valid romantic and intimate alternative in which to build a perfect and original wedding.

As often happens, during the services I like to record some video clips, this is the result I am not a videographer, so I ask sorry to professional videographers: D.


I would say thanks to Zankyou Weddings who tell about this project in his blog ->CLICK HERE

Photos were taken with the Leica Q2


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Winter Wedding Sardinia