Hey, I'm Fabio

your storyteller

I moved from Sardinia to Germany because I love to travel and know new cultures, born as a photojournalist when newspapers were still in our houses, my curiosity led me to become a destination photographer.

I love meeting and working with a sparkling couple who are not afraid to be themself, enjoy life, and live every single moment, I want to be part and report of one of these moments.

I speak English, Italian, German and French

a portrait of me at the Cagliari Airport made with Rolleiflex and KODAK 400TX by Filippo Sarti

I tell your story

in an authentic way

this is my life

For the last several years I have mainly dedicated to corporate and private events, developing a great interest in wedding photography, where lies the highest concentration of my photographic experiences gained in this period of time.

My photographic style is therefore a right balance between photo reportage and creative portrait, paying respect to the couple and their naturalness. I carry out my work as a wedding photographer as if I were completing a journalistic assignment, utterly independent, without intervening in the scenes. While working, I try to empathize with spouses, family, and guests, so that my presence can be accepted even by the most reserved.

Beach Wedding in Sardinia Italy

The Process

01. Connect

Even if I am always on the move I really love to hear from you. If you haven't already, I invite you to visit my Instagram page and get to know me through the highlights where you can find real reports

Share your story

02. Conceptualize

We make a plan. Together we will make a timetable and a resume of the main point of the day.
What do you expect from a photo service? How much time do you want to dedicate to the shoot? How can we enhance you and the location you have chosen?

Develop Your Vision

03. Create

It's a great day. No matter if Wedding, Elopement or Engagement, I make the photo reportage of you in the World location you chooses, you just enjoy the moment and the love

Bring it to life

Destination Wedding Backstage

Backstage Destination Wedding Travel.