Majorca is the largest island of the Balearic archipelago, has just one million inhabitants but is one of the most popular summer destinations for Germans and English, some German radio and television broadcasters even have offices in Palma, the capital.

It is no coincidence that the destination wedding market is also very important in this small pearl of the Mediterranean.

I was on this wonderful island for a week during the start of the second Covid wave, last 2020. I was supposed to have several services but Spain had just entered the Black List of several countries at that time and almost all the services have been canceled.

Except that of Tanjia and Alex, a beautiful German couple who, together with their 4 children, decided to fulfill their dream of getting married, anyway.

The wedding was organized by Gabriele Günter's German agency . Gabi in addition to being a fantastic Wedding Planner is also a character of the German TV VOX, star of the famous program Goodbye Deutschland, the program aired in January 2021 and for me, in love with Germany, it was a beautiful gift to see me on VOX.

In this article, I propose the photos of the wedding, my travel reportage that you find in the featured Stories of my IG (@_fabiomarras_), and the extract from Goodbye Deutschland in which I was lucky enough to appear).

Have fun 😀

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