Sky will always be bluer

Love is like a storm in the soul. A wedding on a rainy day is not an easy job for a photographer, for the planner, or for the couple. Normally we hope for a sunny day because of the party, the celebration on the beach and the clothes, but … let’s stop for a moment and observe how much energy is in the clouds, the wind and the rain, how fascinating is it? Here are some photos I took during a storm last month in Sardinia. It was difficult to organize, my assistant and I were perpetually wet and worried about the equipment but I find the result really surprising, so unusual for a wedding photoshoot on the beach and even romantic! Sometimes the rain stopped falling and it was also possible to take traditional couple photos or at least traditional ones as I do them:-D. I sincerely thank the couple who granted me the publication of the photos and I thank Wedding Sardinia for the assignment. It is very important for me to work with them. Thanks also to my assistant Thomas for transporting both the equipment and the umbrellas.

I hope you like my work too, let me know.

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