Sailors in Exile

I had heard of a hijacked ship and its foreign crew left without a salary inside. I sneaked into the ship and told their story. The story I told also inspired director Peter Marcias who talks about it in his film "OUR QUARANTINE"

These photos show the Kenza container carrier and its crew of 15 men. The ship, which flies the Moroccan flag, has been moored in the port of Cagliari since May 2013. The crew is in fact on strike as the shipowner has not paid them their salary since 2012, the ship has been impounded and it is expected that the Judge expresses himself in favor of the sale.

The men on board have no food or water, a port company has given them diesel fuel to be able to use the power generators which they ration using 8 hours a day, they have no drinking water and live on the charity of the citizens of Cagliari. The ship's captain was unable to return home when his wife died in September and his three children are now staying with relatives.