I was commissioned by the magazine Orticedrus, bimonthly of the San Sperate museum village, to photograph one of the greatest muralists in Sardinia: Angelo Pilloni.

As I always do, when I meet someone to photograph, I try to enter his house on tiptoe, and so I also did with Angelo Pilloni.

For the first 10 minutes I had the photographic spot off and in my bag, we chatted in the garden and Angelo told me several anecdotes of his spectacular and daring life. Only after an hour and after having insisted several times, without ever annoying the great artist, did I persuade him to let me visit his studio, the room in which he creates his masterpieces. When I entered I was literally hit by a very powerful energy and I was moved.

Through his murals, Angelo has been telling the story of the place where he paints for a lifetime. His murals speak of past stories and have the task of keeping alive the memory of traditions or activities that are no longer in use.

I thank Angelo infinitely for the time he wanted to dedicate to me and for the long chat. Here are some shots of the service.