Firefighters for Ukraine

The firefighters of Kleve, together with the firefighters Xanten, Rees, Goch, Alpen, Sonnsbeck responded to the call of the

of the Polish Ministry, which asked firefighters from all over Europe for help: bring firefighters equipment to colleagues in Ukraine.

«And so it has been done in a few days,» says Jürgen Buil, a volunteer from the Kleve fire brigade,

«Hundreds of fireproof jackets and trousers, helmets (over 200 euros each), boots, electro-hydraulic shears, collected energy generators.

  All materials donated by us volunteers will be used by Ukrainian colleagues to help their war-affected fellow citizens».

The collected material was then transported to Tilburg, Holland by fellow Firefighters United NL, here they will then leave for Poland and finally Kyiv.

Watch the video below ↓ 

Firefighers for ukraine

video interview