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Today as starded a three month commercial campaign in the website

I promote my photography in UK and the banner should engage new brides and groom from England that are planning their wedding in UK or in the rest of the world.


J&F glamour elopement in Sardinia, Italy

J&F get married in Tuscany but spent their honeymoon in Sardinia. They contacted me for a wedding dressed photosession, their desire was to have both glamour and candid portrait in the same time, I’ve choose Santa Teresa di Gallura as location where take the pictures. I felt under pression during that photo session because J&S are both wedding photographer, I’m glad that two london photographer as J&S choose me as their photographer and this are some of their pictures.

J&F si sono sposati in Toscana ma hanno trascorso la luna di miele in Sardegna. Mi hanno contattato per una sessione di fotografia, il loro desiderio era di avere foto che fossero sia spontanee che glamour. Ho scelto Santa Teresa di Gallura, ero attratto dalle rocce di Capo Testa e dal loro fascino antico. Una delle difficoltà maggiori che ho avuto con Jeff e Sarah è che sono entrambi due fotografi matrimonialisti. Da una parte mi sono sentito lusingato che due colleghi londinesi avessero scelto me, dall’altra sentivo la pressione di dovermi dimostrare all’altezza. Ecco alcune delle foto che ho scattato.



fotografo-matrimonio-cagliari-sardegna-wedding-photographer-sardinia-italy-destination-wedding-Italy-tuscany-london-glamour-fabio-marras-fotografo-nozze-olbia-santa-teresa (10)fotografo-matrimonio-cagliari-sardegna-wedding-photographer-sardinia-italy-destination-wedding-Italy-tuscany-london-glamour-fabio-marras-fotografo-nozze-olbia-santa-teresa (6)

fotografo-matrimonio-cagliari-sardegna-wedding-photographer-sardinia-italy-destination-wedding-Italy-tuscany-london-glamour-fabio-marras-fotografo-nozze-olbia-santa-teresa (9)fotografo-matrimonio-cagliari-sardegna-wedding-photographer-sardinia-italy-destination-wedding-Italy-tuscany-london-glamour-fabio-marras-fotografo-nozze-olbia-santa-teresa (8)fotografo-matrimonio-cagliari-sardegna-wedding-photographer-sardinia-italy-destination-wedding-Italy-tuscany-london-glamour-fabio-marras-fotografo-nozze-olbia-santa-teresa (5)fotografo-matrimonio-cagliari-sardegna-wedding-photographer-sardinia-italy-destination-wedding-Italy-tuscany-london-glamour-fabio-marras-fotografo-nozze-olbia-santa-teresa (4)fotografo-matrimonio-cagliari-sardegna-wedding-photographer-sardinia-italy-destination-wedding-Italy-tuscany-london-glamour-fabio-marras-fotografo-nozze-olbia-santa-teresa (3)fotografo-matrimonio-cagliari-sardegna-wedding-photographer-sardinia-italy-destination-wedding-Italy-tuscany-london-glamour-fabio-marras-fotografo-nozze-olbia-santa-teresa (2)fotografo-matrimonio-cagliari-sardegna-wedding-photographer-sardinia-italy-destination-wedding-Italy-tuscany-london-glamour-fabio-marras-fotografo-nozze-olbia-santa-teresa (1)


Here you can read this service client opinion:

Having got married in Tuscany and driving straight to Sardinia we wanted to make the most of having our wedding outfits with us and wanted a photo shoot on the beach. Being UK wedding photographers ourselves, we already had ideas able the style of photos we wanted and when we found Fabio’s website we knew that we had found our photographer. We liked the dramatic shots, with big sky’s and a well lit couple.
Not knowing Sardinia ourselves Fabio did all the research to take us to a prefect spot where we could get a variety of photos including the beach shoots. On the day Fabio did a great job to capturing us naturally and in posed photos. It was great fun for us to be “the other side of the camera.” After the shoot Fabio was really fast to get our photos edited and sent to us. We are really pleased with our photos, Thank you Fabio, you did a great job for us!
Jeff & Sarah

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