N+M wedding in Cagliari Town Hall

Cagliari has a beautiful Town Hall in Via Roma, so N&M decided to get married there.

IMG_1737 IMG_1853_1 IMG_1916 IMG_1954 IMG_2090 IMG_2138 IMG_2142 IMG_2150_2 IMG_2286_1 IMG_2343_1 IMG_2375 IMG_2429 IMG_2488 IMG_2610 IMG_2619 IMG_2724_1 IMG_2742 IMG_2824 IMG_9632 IMG_9651_1 IMG_9662 IMG_9690 IMG_9696 IMG_9702 IMG_9810 IMG_0050 (2) IMG_0288 IMG_0546_1 IMG_0552 IMG_1015_1 IMG_1096 IMG_1133 IMG_1162 IMG_1179 IMG_1316 IMG_1459 IMG_1515 IMG_1557


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