Cyanide Lake / Lago di Cianuro – Furtei

Furtei ( 50km from Cagliari Italy). A huge lake of mining waste , the legacy of Sardinia Gold Mining SpA carrying on activities of gold mining . The mine discharged substances such as cyanide , arsenic, lead, mercury and cadmium in a basin carved from a hill. The extraction lasted for about 10 years, from 1998 to 2009 , the year in which it was declared bankrupt . In that area of Sardinia severely characterized by lack of work, the main occupation is agriculture, several acres of land , however, are in contact with this deadly stretch of water thus making vegetable potentially harmful to health.

The company Sardinia Gold Mining SpA, was a subsidiary of the multinational Canadian Buffalo Gold Ltd, from 2001 to 2003 was chaired by the actual Sardinia’s governor Ugo cappellacci (PDL) . Congressman Mauro Pili (in my pictures with white shirt ) has DECLARED these days the serious condition of the area contaminated by the poisons of the mine. Not only that, Pili denounces the complicity and collaboration between local sardinian governments and Mr. Morris, that was president of Sardinia Gold Mining then , after the failure , the King Rose Mining president , a company that has reached , in 2009 an agreement with the Government of Sardinia in order to pull out , always with the use of cyanide , useful metals from the waste derived from over 200 years of mining, then same leaders belonging to the same company, Buffalo Gold in fact, that before declaring bankruptcy and then, under the name other companies get other concessions from the same region of Sardinia, a land violently exploited , a sea of unemployed and a lake of poisons.After obtaining the results of the analysis, the deputy Mauro Pili says that arsenic is present in the reservoir to 1100 micrograms per liter, while the law provides for drinking water only 10 micrograms. Impressive quantities of heavy metals. 1210 compared with 10 micrograms of nickel permitted by law, selenium 150 micrograms compared with 10 expected, copper concentrates with 115 milligrams compared to 1 milligram permitted by law, cadmium 270 micrograms compared with 5 permitted by the parameters of drinking water “

If you’re intersted in that news i can provide you photos in high resolution

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